Offending Officers Should Be Whipped In Line No Matter Their Ranks – Security Expert

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The CEO of Kazz Group of Companies and an expert in security and safety Mr. Adam Bonaa, has today expressed his views on the transformation agenda put forward by the IGP of Ghana this month, saying that police officers found culpable of malpractice should be sanctioned irrespective of their rank in the police force.

Mr. Bonaa said this on the Midday edition of TV3 News today the 26th of July, 2018.

‘’I did realize that ensuring that police personnel behave well is part of the transformation agenda. I want to believe that it is part of the agenda to ensure that police officers no matter their ranks are whipped into line.’’ He stated.

The expert said this in reference to the transformation agenda launched by the current IGP Mr. David Asante-Appeatu, which allows members of the public to send videos of police officers found misbehaving to the Police Administration for the offending police officer to be dealt with. Social media pages were reportedly created for this particular purpose.

Expressing his view as a citizen of the Republic of Ghana, the security expert told TV3 news about his impressions in the police service.

‘’I am beginning to have a particular believe in the police service, that is if things go this way and the police officers themselves realize that when they misbehave, they are going to be sanctioned by their own administration, the trust that waned over the years will be got back.’’ recorded.

He made reference to the saying that ‘policing is a shared responsibility’, adding that Ghanaians will continue to support the police service as long as when they misbehave, they are punished and their punishment is made public. Mr.Bonaa also mentioned that these measures if put in place will ensure that there is peace in the country.

By Jacqueline Daisy Abity – Chattaway/BanboOnline/Ghana