Lakeside Estate Set To Launch Commercial Business Hub

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Lakeside Estate is set to outdoor its commercial business hub the “LAKESIDE BUSINESS CENTER”  of the South Western Gate / Craft Village to serve as the  One – Stop shopping center for all residents of the community.

The event earmarked on the 25th August, 2018 will unveil the diverse shops and business operations situated at the heart of Lakeside Estate, Accra.

The “Lakeside Business Centre” is the latest addition to the viable projects which are already operational such as the Lakeside Marina Park and other yet to be established facilities such as the cardio hospital, a fitness centre, a technical academy streamlined to provide quality client service for all residents.

Lakeside Estates for the past twenty years’ core purpose has been the provision of a high standard and affordable residential properties for sale.

Lakeside Estate has firm confidence that a lot can be achieved together as commercially viable status has been attained.

The launching of the center satisfies the need for Lakeside Estates growth and expansion.

Event proceedings will start at 12:00pm to 1:00pm with the business show continuing through to 4:00pm. Spatial avenues are vacant for other businesses like Boutique, Baby Shop, Laboratory, ATM Space and many more.

Among the various offices iconed in the Business Center which will be operational includes;

  • At-Home Pharmacy Office #101
  • Novelty Super market #102-103
  • Lakeside Stationary and Printing Shop #104
  • MTN Customer Service Office #105
  • Koflex Sport Fitness Center #106-206
  • Lakeside Estate Head Office Office #201-202
  • Mobobi Ltd #203
  • Lynx Villie group Ghana Ltd, Office #204
  • Yak Safety Solutions Ltd, office # 205
  • Star Property Management office #301.
  • American Tower Corporation #302