“I Am Going To Search For The Feaces And Urine Of Jesus And…..” Angel Obinim declares

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The founder and leader of Godsway International Gospel Church Angel Bishop Daniel Obinim have indeed cemented his name in the history of Ghana as one of the most controversial preachers ever to have come from Ghana.

The man of God is noted for making some comments which are considered to be blasphemy amongst some Christain folks. Recently in one of his interviews, he revealed that he was given a tour of Heaven by his father Jesus Christ who even introduced him to Adam and Eve.

Looks like Obinim is always happy being in the news as he has passed another comment this time talking about how prepared he is to use the excreta and urine from Jesus Christ as directions for his congregation.

In a new video available, Angel Obinim talks about searching for the feaces and urine from Jesus and asked his church members if whether they would love to eat those things if he finally gets hold of them and to our surprise, they all declared their intention to eat the feaces and drink the urine.

Watch the video below:

From the look of things, if Angel Obinim is able to pull this off, then that puts him on the same level with American Preacher Jim Jones who was responsible for a mass suicide and mass murder in Jonestown, Guyana after he convinced them of being Jesus Christ.