LilWin In Trouble For Arresting Female Blogger Over Fake Reportage

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Lilwin according to key industry players is in trouble for arresting Ohemaa Candice on Monday, October 29 this year for writing fake news about him, that he had knocked down an unknown person at Peace FM.

According to an interview granted by ZionFelix to Sammy Flex and Arnold Mensah of Zylofon Media, Dr. Cann of Happy FM, Doreen Avio of Multimedia, David Mawuli of Pulse Ghana and Nana Adwo of Atinka TV, all the hard-core journalist and media players aforementioned could not fathom why the comic actor would arrest a blogger who wrote a fake publication about him.

To these journalists, LilWin could have sued Candice for the wrongdoing but not to call the police for her to be handcuffed and captured on tape for the world to see.

They were however quick to add that the news on Ohemaa Candice was fake regardless.

Many websites and media firms have however alerted Lilwin to contact his new friends (Police officers) for his brand promotion since he couldn’t treat their friend fairly.

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