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Ghanaian Bishop Wants Tithe Deducted From Church Members Bank Account

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The founder and leader of Rivers of Life Ministry, Bishop George Ayeh (OTAFRIGYA) is pleading with His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo and NPP government to deduct tithe from workers bank accounts to various churches accounts (source).

According to Bishop George Ayeh, taxes and VAT are deducted from source, so he is pleading that tithe should also be deducted from source.

In an interview, Bishop George Ayeh said tithes have reduce radically and churches are going down. Some churches will collapse because tithes are not coming.

Workers, especially government workers are robbing God too much. How can a government worker pay tithe of GHC5 – he asked.

He ended by saying, in some countries, tithes are deducted from workers bank accounts to church accounts so Ghana can do same to stop churches from collapsing.

For details contact Bishop George Ayeh (OTAFREGYA) on 0245533071