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We’re Very Sorry; Please Come Back- Trainee Teachers Beg MAHAMA

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Demonstrating members of the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) have offered a public apology to former President John Mahama for voting him out and bringing in Akufo-Addo, can report.

In an audio we obtained from the trainees who are currently demonstrating, they sang Lucky Mensah’s ‘comeback’ highlife song to highlight their remorse.

They also kept chanting “Mahama we are sorry! Mahama We are sorry! Mahama we are sorry”.

The demonstration is to express their grievances on the decision by the Ghana Education Service for the trainee teachers to undergo the mandatory National Service through which they will be posted by the national service Secretariat of Ghana.

“What we all know is that, once you attend any training college in the country, you are assured of an outright employment so we do not understand why things are different now. Why should a trained teacher apply for a job with the Ghana Education Service,” their leader said.

Theey further  stated that the demonstration will go on unabated until the GES agreed to give them their demands.

This comes after the leadership of the Concerned Spare Parts Association also issued an apology to the former President Mahama.

In an emotional interview intercepted from Agya Yaw Obeng’s Bohye FM show in Kumasi, the Spare Parts Dealers PRO said he won’t hesitate to go on his knees and plead with Mahama for all the insults he led his group to heap on the former president.

“As a personal apology, wherever Mahama is, he should forgive us. I want him to also forgive me personally. We insulted him… we embarrassed him. We called him a thief, incompetent and all sort of names. We thought this one (Nana Addo) was coming to help us, but he is rather finishing us!” Takyi Addo, the Spare Parts Dealers Spokesperson said.

Asked by Bohye FM and Gye Nyame FM Morning Show host of Ghana Te Sen,, Agya Yaw Obeng whether he wants to recall some of the insults they threw at John Mahama and whether he will kneel and beg should he find Mr Mahama, the Spare Parts dealers PRO said he wouldn’t want to repeat those words they used on Mahama and his government; but that all he knows is that he has wronged God and John Mahama and needs to ask for forgiveness, referencing the fact that he grew up in