You’ll Die!- RAS Mubarak Goes Mad On Tamale Radio, Curses Host

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The Member of Parliament(MP) Kumbungu Constituency, Ras Mubarak was carried away by his emotions when called into a live radio in Tamale to be interviewed on his decision to ride a bicycle from his home to parliament house in protest of what he claims is the hardship in the country, has filed.

As if he was already waiting for host Rubai Abdul Waris, the lawmaker without recourse started heaping accusations and curses on him for what he described as a deliberate attempt by leading some political entrepreneurs to run him down with his show.

“The persons you have allowed to run me down you together with them and myself will all die and account for our sins one day. I am not begging for interviews. You have seen the number of stations I have granted interviews to…I don’t go about begging people to interview me. If I respect you, you must respect yourself. You don’t allow people to run me down because I worked hard to build my credibility”, he stated on North Star Radio

Trying to prove he is more knowledgeable in the media landscape than the host, he bragged about how he quit radio in 2011 and made progress through to becoming an MP by the dint of hard work.

“You have a long way to go if you allow others to dictate to you as to how you will ruin your programme. I started from Tamale, I don’t know 1997 where you were….1997! I left Tamale in 1999 and moved forward to Kumasi and move on. Got to Accra and made progress. I have a number of our brothers I have worked with including Nii Lante Vanderpuye who was a journalist and now an MP and a former Minister. My brother Suhuyini yesterday was a presenter now an MP”, he added.

According to him, he will not sit aloof and allowed the host to avail his platform for others to denigrate his image as though he never worked for it

“I will not agree to hold a programme with you and things I have not said you offer the same platform to others to run me down.  I have two things to say, we will all die and be buried. If I have not said anything do not provide a platform for people to come and run me down. I struggled and begged the elderly who prayed for me to attain my current status. You have not been fair to me…when you called me for an interview what did I say on your network? Afterward what discussion did you have with others? he asked.