As A Lady, Having 3 Boyfriends Is The Best – Slay Queen

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One Slay Queen has taken to social media to list the 3 main reasons why all ladies must have at least 3 boyfriends.

She says having 3 boyfriends is the best.

According to her, ladies must not basically keep one guy.

Elaborating her point, she says a lady must have one guy who’s very good in bed. One that can dig the bore hole deeper to the deepest degree.

Then, there should be another guy who’ll be a back-up. So that if the first guy isn’t present to chop her, then the back-up guy can take over.

Last but not least, is the guy with the cash.

She said her wig, eye-lashes, pancakes and everything is money. So there must be that guy who’s financially endowed to take care of these things.

Hence, every lady must strive to get at least 3 boyfriends with the afore-mentioned specifications.

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