Bizarre: A Female ‘Ghost’ Caught On Camera Holding Someone’s Baby (Picture)

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A female ghost was last Friday caught on camera holding a baby belonging to a patient in Gwembe at around 02:00 hours at a local hopital.

Gwembe District has for some months this year been spooked by a mysterious female worker who patronises a local clinic which authorities closed on Saturday for it to be cleansed.

The mysterious woman is allegedly masquerading as a nurse and sometimes as a pregnant woman at Makuyu Clinic in Chief Munyumbwe’s realm in Southern Province.

It is said that the woman is also harassing health workers in their homes at night, eating their eggs, sprinkling mealie meal on the floor and drinking their milk.

The reports also have it that the unknown woman likes frequenting the maternity ward, where she fakes being in labour or as a nurse helping other women to deliver.
But on Friday, locals were holified after she (the ghost) was caght on camera at night holding a baby belonging to a female patent who just came back from labour.

Nurses say the said female patient gave birh to a baby girl around 20:00 hours on Thursday and around 02:00 hours on Friday, her baby was mysteriously taken away by a ghost. When the nurses and watchmen started looking for a baby, they saw a strange woman holding the baby, she then entered the hospital and placed the baby on the bed before disappering through the wall, forcing health workers and patients to desert the hospital running for their lives.

The baby is still alive but her mother is refusing to breast fed her fearing for her life as she thinks the baby has been possesed.
After seeing this picture of the ghost which was taken last Friday by a named male nurse, locals say the ghost resembles the late Philis Mweemba, a 23 year old lady who died 4 years ago after giving birth at the same hospitals and these are some of the same cloths she was buried with according to terrified relatives.

The Ministry of Health is now appealing to members of the clergy to go to Gwembe and dedicate the hospital to God otherwises the hospital will remain closed.

PICTURE: A Female Ghost caught on camera at a local hospital in Gwembe.