“Avoid sex when building relationships with Foreigners” – Abeiku Santana

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Radio Personality and former Tourism ambassador, Abeiku Santana has advised Ghanaian men not to give in sex to foreigners of the beginning of their relationships.

According to him, there is the need to build relationships before Ghanaian men give in sex.

“Become friends with them and be strategic enough not to give in sex at the beginning of the relationship.”

He mentioned this when he was speaking about the need to educate Ghanaians on sex tourism since it’s a lucrative venture.

“Sex tourism is not a promotion of promiscuity, what we are saying is, let’s have interracial marriage or relationships. When foreigners come let them like you as a man or woman and when that happens they will tend to continue the relationship with you.”

He added “There are a lot of foreigners who come here, they like us but they can’t say it and we also like them but we also do not tell them, our problem is with the approach”.