Counselor Lutterodt attacks Kwaku Bonsam over Lumba

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The controversial Ghanaian marriage counselor known popularly as Counselor Lutterodt has reacted to the accusation levelled against legendary highlife musician, Daddy Lumba by Kwaku Bonsam.

According to the marriage counselor, Daddy Lumba shouldn’t be blamed for ‘Lumba Junior’s’ illness.

“If Daddy Lumba has the power to give a sickness he would have created the means of becoming a pastor to start healing people because he, Lumba is a big name in the system. When it comes to clinical issues, we should be extra careful.

All we can do now is to keep him in prayers. Let’s not start this non-clinical war of accusing Daddy Lumba because Anokye Supremo he was already ill”, he stated.

Lumba Junior also known as Anokye Supremo was diagnosed with a tumour a few months ago. This was after he started experiencing a severe headache which he thought was a migraine.

Upon a visit to the hospital, he was told it was a tumour and after some time the pains affected his left eye which led to the blindness of the same eye.

Some sections of Ghanaians especially, a fetish priest, Kwaku Bonsam are pointing accusing fingers at veteran highlife musician, Daddy Lumba because they had a misunderstanding which ended up in court.

Lumba Junior is currently in India undergoing surgery to remove the brain tumour which left him partially blind.