Its Necessary For Every Government To Have Party Boys In National Security-Carlos Ahenkorah

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Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah, has said it is “very necessary” to have party boys recruited into National Security due to the “trend our politics has taken”.

According to him, the government in power cannot compromise on its security as well as the nation’s, as such there is a need to work with people that it can trust and feel secured around, knowing that the door is always safe.

He emphatically stated on UTV’s ‘Adekye Nsroma’ newspaper discussion segment that it is a necessity for every government in power to have “members of its party”, its “own boys” drafted into the National Security unit as soon as it wins power.

“I think you are not aware of certain things; every government in power employs into state security office its party boys and trains them to be part of the security force. It is not a problem at all employing party boys into national security operations, because we need them to protect us,” Carlos Ahenkorah told UTV.

 “ . . .Also, we put our own party boys in such places because we are secured and trust we can sleep well when they are around to protect us. How can you put somebody who is not on your side to be your security guard?”  The Member of Parliament (MP) for Tema West further quizzed.

He noted that individuals within government sectors, particularly security settings, must change their line of responding to official duties no matter the party in power to prevent political parties from questioning their loyalty; which he said, should always be to the state.

He was speaking in relation to the NDC’s Presidential primaries held las Saturday and Nigeria’s General Election currently ongoing.